Glass Replacement

If you have a broken window in your home, apartment or business the following information will assist us in giving you a quick and FREE phone estimate. Call (760) 744-4703 for a free estimate.

First Step

Identify whether the glass is single or dual pane. A quick and easy way to do this is to light a match or lighter in front of the glass and count how many flames are reflected in the glass pane. The amount of flames is equal to the amount of panes in your window.

Single and dual pane may have grids or muntins that make the window look like it has many small separate panes of glass. Please mention if your window has has grids or muntins.

Dual Pane, also known as insulated glass units are 2 panes of glass hermetically sealed against moisture vapor, with an aluminum air space in between, insulating the outside air from the inside air. If one piece of glass in the dual pane is broken and the other is intact, the entire unit must still be replaced.

Tempered is a type of safety glass. Tempered glass has been created through a heating/cooling process. It is 5 times stronger than normal annealed glass. When broken the entire piece of glass shatters into small pieces without sharp edges. Common uses for tempered glass are patio, storefront, shower and entry doors; windows within 24″ of a door or 18″ off the floor, or above a tub/shower.

Second Step

Identify the type of frame: vinyl, aluminum or wood.

Third Step

Measure the window.
Measure the visible glass you can see (width x height).

**Same day in shop service is generally available for single or double strength glass. Call ahead for availability.

Replacement/New Windows

San Marcos Glass can measure, order and install replacement or new construction windows. Replacement windows and doors add to the value of your home. Retrofit windows can give your home a new look without costly or time consuming siding repairs. Some of the benefits new include energy efficiency, aesthetics, ease of operation and noise reduction.


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